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Every Youtube video is not in public

Every video review on Youtube is unlisted. People can watch the videos through this web site only.


What is the process for house hunting?

a) We meet up in person near the location where you want to find a house.
b) Then we go to a PC bang (internet cafe) to find a house online. There are some community websites that most foreigners are not familiar with and all of them are in Korean. What I've found that many foreigners live in expensive houses which is not necessary.  
c) Or we can just go check out real estate in the area you are interested in.

What if you do not find me an apartment I like or meets my requirements? Does this mean you keep the money for your effort?

Yes, I provide an interpretation service, but I am not a realtor.

I have no idea how much reasonable price is for translation. Is there any article to check the rate to compare to yours? 

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