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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lisa's conflict

Lisa has an internal conflict with her boss, manager, and collegues.

While we have a long conversation, there have been lots of misunderstandings.

Ultimately, they understood each other and began to have a group meeting to figure it out.

Wish they got a nice solution.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tom's house hunting and moving adventure

Tom has two cats and was looking for new house nearby his work place. We looked around area he wanted all day long and ends up found an affordable one. There were some difficulites to find one which allows pet, but we figured it out.

In addition, he had to move next day. So, we researched moving companies and signed up immediately. It was an urgent case, but everything went smoothly.
Tom is a great customer. He built his good Karma yesterday as he made everybody happy. Excellent!

Now, he moved in his new nest with his cats and they are happy with that. Congrats, Tom! Wish big fortune with your new home.

The detail of process is below:
Total hours to find a house till the end of contract: 11 hrs
Total hours to move out and move in (include packing and unpacking): 4 hrs
Total days from house hunting to moving in: 2 days