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Rate & Availability

Hourly rate (Minimum 2-3 hours. Half charge for less than 30 mins and full charge for more than 30 mins after minimum hours).
Actual rate depends on the situation.
First 15 minutes free only for fully access.

Price table for individual service:

House hunting: $20 USD (25,000 KRW) per hour, minimum 3 hours to find a room/house together.

Tour guide: $20 USD (25,000 KRW) per hour, minimum 3 hours.

General interpretation: $25 USD (30,000 KRW) per hour, minimum 3 hours (Informal, unstructured, non-technical). Any order with specific terms is not considered as general interpretation, but as business interpretation. Eg) Meeting with an organization.

Business interpretation level 1: $35 USD (40,000 KRW) per hour, minimum 2 hours (informal, unstructured, non-technical). The business interpretation requires clear standard English.

Note 1: Transportation, PC Bang(internet cafe) or hotel fees are not included in the rates above.
$15 USD (20,000 won) per hour for the travel fee instead of normal rate if the location is outside of Seoul + transportation fare. This policy is also applied for the place is far from Bucheon area over an hour. 
In case of staying in a hotel after the job, the evening/night is considered non-business hours. 

Note 2: Currency is KRW. USD is also acceptable.

Note 3: $50 USD (60,000 KRW) for cancellation less than 72 hours notice.

Note 4: The legal case is not be dealt.

In case of the request over online, the payment is required in advance via Paypal, Payoneer or online banking(only if you have a Korean bank account).

Online research with feedback: $20 USD (25,000 KRW) per hour
Making phone calls with feedback: $25 USD (30,000 KRW) per hour
Interpretation over the phone: $20 USD (15,000 KRW) for 30 mins
These rates are for working at my home. The usual rate will be applied for the business trip.

Paypal account: jin8864@gmail.com
Payoneer account: jin8864@hotmail.com

*** Please grant the payment right after the job. Many people forget to pay several hours later, and bothering you to ask paying me repeatedly is not my pleasure. Technology has made our life quick and easy. Just one click gives us hassle free :)

Available 7 days a week unless the schedule is full. Please make a reservation at least 3 days before you need my service. The link for the reservation page is below: